Posted by Colin Dore
The Rotary Club of Waimate along with the Waimate District Council, Colorprint NZ Ltd and Stowell Motors Ltd have shown to the Waimate community a covered in Shuttle Trailer. An asset that can now be used by all community organisations, schools, all sports groups, Church groups and any other groups that have to travel out of our District and there is a need to carry along their equipment.
The trailer is free of any rental charges as Rotary see this asset as a service to the Waimate community.  If the group using the trailer felt that the service has been worthwhile, a small donation to offset static costs.
Thoughts of the community trailer  came about after Rotary, made for the community the Rotary Kiosk that is used by all groups that fund raise from the New World car park.  It is now a safe place for folks to sell and promote their communtiy efforts.  Rotary has been surprised at the number of organisations who have written to Rotary thanking, for the safe and dry situation that has been provided.  As a result of some comments that it is not always possible to obtain a suitable transport for equipment that they need to take to events. Also School camps was anther example of logistics to getting camp gear to camp site.
The Youth group of the Rotary club took on this idea to have the Shuttle Trailer.
Stowell Motors were approached, and they have been very supportive of the project. The group then realised that there is an opportunity to have a mobile bill board, and promte Rotary, Loud and Proud was the thinking for the signage and to also make the community aware of only two of our projects,
“ITS NOT OK” and “END POLIO NOW”. This is where Colorprint came in with very generous support . The team took the plans to the Waimate District Council with the opportunity to have one side of the trailer for the Promotion of the Waimate District.
So where ever the trailer is, so to is the Rotary Club of Waimate and our Waimate District Council and the Silos, Doctor Margaret Cruickshank  New Zealands first Female Practicing Doctor and Eric Batchelor the only New Zealand Soldier to be awarded the DCM and Bar 
This project also recieved sum funds from the District Rotary Committee 9980 to assit with the project, promoting “Rotary Doing Good in our community”.
Apart the two projects mentioned, the Kiosk and the Shuttle trailer in the past twelve months, the club has also with major support from our local business, of our community again put together the local large print telephone book again. With the cover promoting the Silos art work of Dr Margret  Cruickshank and Soldier Eric Batchelor DCM and Bar this project has also gone out the community free of charge to each house hold. Something for the future, we have also had an app devoloped so the the phone book can be accessed on your smart phone, something we are also very proud of.
Colin Dore
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