Rotary Friendship Exchange is an activity of Rotary International under which Rotarians and their families can carry out reciprocal visits and home stays with Rotarians and their families in other countries.
The purpose is to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace through people to people contacts across national boundaries.
These are two types of exchange club to club, and district to district. Both programmes are co-ordinated by the District Friendship Exchange Committee at no expense to Rotary International.

Overview of ROTARY Friendship exchangeS

You get to genuinely experience another culture guided by friends in Rotary. Exchange participants take turns hosting and visiting one another, forging friendships that last a lifetime.

Exchange participation is open to individual Rotary members, couples, families, or groups. Prospective partners communicate with one another in advance to decide on the format, timing, and duration of each visit.

All exchanges are funded by the participants, and hosts are not expected to assume a significant financial burden. Visitors pay their own way, but are rewarded with warm hospitality and an international travel experience unlike any other.

An exchange can also be the starting point for a long-term international relationship between two clubs. Participants often use their new friendships as the basis for partnering on service projects that create lasting change.

Interested in finding potential exchange partners or finding out more about Rotary Friendship Exchange?
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